Richard Chien


2008 — Now, Self-Education


Sep 2020 — Mar 2023 (expected), Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Master of Engineering (Software Engineering)

Sep 2015 — Jun 2020, Changzhou University

Bachelor of Engineering (Internet of Things)


I Created

I Contributed


Jun 2022 - Now, Singularity Data, Database Engineer Intern

Sep 2020 — Now, Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Master Student

I have been working on a new microkernel operating system (ChCore) at IPADS. My work is mostly about refining the microkernel and its virtualization support, porting device drivers and POSIX applications, and refactoring the building system and user-level supporting libraries (LibChCore).

As my final project, I implemented Adaptive System Module for ChCore, with which one binary module can be dynamically loaded into either kernel land or user land without the need to rewrite or recompile any code, making the tradeoff between isolation/safety and performance more flexible.

Jul 2018 — Aug 2018, Wuhan Jieyu Technology Co. Ltd., Software Engineer Intern

I participated in the development of both frontend and backend for a community operation product and an internal web console, using Vue.js for frontend and Tornado for backend. I had done all jobs assigned to me on time, and gained experience of online log analysis and team collaboration during the internship.

Nov 2016 — Jan 2017 & Jul 2017 — Oct 2017, MiLove Entrepreneurial Team, Software Engineer

I was in charge of the maintenance of MiLove website and the customization of WordPress framework. I also built a message forwarding tool to forward messages between WeChat and Intercom, which helped improve the efficiency of customer service.

During the second period, I built a new backend for the e-commerce website using Django web framework.

I worked for VnetLink (a startup company that provides network traffic optimization service) as technical support. My responsibility was to help customers solve problems encountered while using our service.

Open Source Contributions

Jan 2017 — Now, OneBot & NoneBot Community

Leader of the OneBot & NoneBot community (Bot Universe, NoneBot, Kyubotics)

Oct 2018 — Jun 2020, Changzhou University Open Source Association

Founder and leader of CCZU OSA