Richard Chien


2008 — now, Self-Education


Sep 2020 — Mar 2023 (expected), Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Master of Engineering (Software Engineering)

Sep 2015 — Jun 2020, Changzhou University

Bachelor of Engineering (Internet of Things)


I Created

I Contributed


Sep 2020 — Now, Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Master Student

I have been participating in the development of a new microkernel operating system. My work in this project is mostly related to the microkernel, device drivers and virtualization support.

Jul 2018 — Aug 2018, Wuhan Jieyu Technology Co. Ltd., Software Engineer Intern

I participated in the development of both frontend and backend for a community operation product and an internal web console, using Vue.js for frontend and Tornado for backend. I had done all jobs assigned to me on time, and gained experience of online log analysis and team collabration during the internship.

Nov 2016 — Jan 2017 & Jul 2017 — Oct 2017, MiLove Entrepreneurial Team

I was in charge of the maintenance of MiLove website and the customization of WordPress framework. I also built a message forwarding tool to forward messages between WeChat and Intercom, which helped improve the efficiency of customer service.

During the second period, I built a new backend for the e-commerce website using Django web framework.

Open Source Contributions

Jan 2017 — Now, OneBot & NoneBot Community

Leader of the OneBot & NoneBot community (Bot Universe, NoneBot, Kyubotics)

Oct 2018 — Jun 2020, Changzhou University Open Source Association

Founder and leader of CCZU OSA